mw ALL2009 ACEC Engineering Excellence Honor Award

84 Marginal Way is one of the tallest building structures constructed in Maine in many years.  The ten-story structure consists of six stories of medical office space framed with composite steel wide flanged sections and steel braced frames over four stories of prestressed concrete parking structure.  The building is founded on strip footings and grade beams which frame to cast in-place pile caps.  Precast, prestressed concrete displacement pilings 100 feet long were utilized for vertical foundation support. The project was phased such that the garage pedestal under the office building was constructed first, followed by the office building and then the surrounding garage.  This approach accelerated the facade construction and fit-out of the building and required the garage pedestal structure to be stable without relying on the surrounding elements.  This building is a beacon marking the gateway to Portland via the Bayside community.  The development of this building has taken an underutilized urban site and created a hub of activity, fostering a vibrancy and vision for the future of a renewed bayside area.

Project Location:  Portland, Maine

Architect:    Harriman

Client/Construction Manager:    PC Construction

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