Angela J. Comeau – Director of Finance & Operations

Angela has over twenty-five years of experience in corporate finance and business management. She began her career designing medical office facilities across the Continental U.S. and through executive leadership training was promoted to managing International financial accounts for the telecommunications industry. Eventually, she transitioned into the private sector governing the finances and business operations for several large and small construction firms throughout New Jersey.

Angela moved to Maine and joined Becker Structural Engineers in 2003. Given her diverse professional experience, understanding of the industry, desire to lead, financial expertise, and a dedication to excellence, she was named Director of Finance and Operations. Angela is charged with managing daily operations, maintaining the financial well-being of the firm and working with the firm’s principals on business, financial and technology decisions.  She has developed systems of management and tasks that have been instrumental to creating efficiency while maintaining accuracy, comprehensiveness, and clarity.  She is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in modern business technologies and is always looking for new resources to improve our process.