meg all2013 ACEC Engineering Excellence Honor Award

One of the major challenges in the design of the Private Residence Bridge was creating a structure that tastefully complemented the landscape and held up to the harsh Maine environment.  Through collaboration with the design team, creativity and careful selection of materials and construction techniques, an artistic vision was merged with technical requirements to create a bridge that is technically sound, beautifully functional, and self-sustaining.  The design exploits inherent benefits of the selected materials; steel for its strength, wood for its warmth, stone for its integrity.  Construction procedures delicately danced around the heartiest trees to maintain the canopy at the site, giving the appearance that the structure predates the surrounding tree growth.  Throughout the project, conventional bridge design was redefined by elevating the role of aesthetics, function and scale to the same level of importance as technical engineering in the decision making process.

Project Location:  Midcoast, Maine

Architect:    Bruce Norelius Studio

Landscape Architect:  Richardson & Associates

General Contractor:  Cold Mountain Builders

Bridge Contractor:  Wyman and Simpson

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