Islesboro BODYLocated on the picturesque island of Islesboro, the existing concrete slab bridge was in need of replacement due to its deteriorating structural condition.  In an effort to minimize impacts to surrounding wetlands and incorporate accelerated construction procedures, final design of the replacement bridge included 56’-0” span prestressed voided deck slabs for their shallow profile supported on integral abutments.  Due to the remote island location, shipping materials to the site was costly.  Innovative reuse of granite block abutments as protective riprap limited the amount of material required to be shipped to and hauled away from the site.  Bid alternates, including precast concrete abutment caps, approach slabs and curbs were incorporated into the final design in an effort to minimize cost based on individual Contractors’ available means and methods.

Project Location:   Islesboro, ME

Client:  Maine Department of Transportation

General Contractor:  Wyman and Simpson, Inc.

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