Winter 2016-2017 Advisory

Friends and Colleagues:

In the winter of 2014-2015, there were hundreds of reports in New England of roof collapses or buildings with structural damage from the weight of snow and ice loads on roofs.  Flat, low-pitched, and lower roofs adjacent to high roofs are often at higher risk of buckling under heavy snow and ice accumulations.  Owners and managers of such facilities, and those particularly with long span roof structures, should be aware of the danger posed by heavy roof snow loads and the warning signs of structural weaknesses. In many instances, roof collapse and other risks posed by accumulated snow on roofs can be reduced by safely and strategically removing snow from roofs.

Having taken an integral role in responding to numerous roof snow load emergencies, Becker Structural Engineers encourages you to take a proactive approach and have a roof snow removal plan in place should New England experience a repeat of the 2014-2015 winter snow accumulation.  Below we offer an advisory on warning signs and precautions you can take, including structural analysis and the design of a strategic snow removal plan.

































For additional information on how we may put our experience to work for you, please contact Dave Martin.

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